08/12/22: Delormier Winery                         Geyserville, CA

PR Delormier 2022.png


08/13/22: Papermill Creek Saloon
                  Forest Knolls, CA

08/26/22: Reel & Brand

                 Sonoma, CA

09/24/22: SRJC Fundraiser
                  Petaluma, CA

10/09/22: Glen Ellen Fair             
                  Glen Ellen, CA


Papermill Creek poster.png
PR Glen Ellen Fair 2022.png
PR Reel & Brand 2022.png


08/05/22: Party on the Plaza, Rohnert Park, CA
07/16/22:  Richmond Park Bar & Grill, Kelseyville, CA
06/24/22: Mac's at 19 Broadway, Fairfax, CA
05/13/22: Brewsters Beer Garden, Petaluma, CA
04/30/22: Chico Spring Jam, Durham, CA
04/09/22: The Big Easy, Petaluma, CA
04/01/22: Mac's at 19 Broadway, Fairfax, CA
03/12/22: Rio Nido Roadhouse, Rio Nido, CA
03/11/22: Coyote Sonoma, Healdsburg, CA
02/26/22: Reel & Brand, Sonoma, CA
12/31/21: Lucky 7 Casino, Smith River, CA
10/30/21: The Block, Petaluma, CA  
10/15/21: Hwy 50 Brewery, Camino, CA
09/27/21: Private Event, Farmstead, St. Helena, CA 6pm
09/03/21: Delormier Winery, Geyserville, CA
07/31/21: Elk Valley Casino, Crescent City, CA
07/23/21: Party on the Plaza, Rohnert Park, CA
07/03/21: Chamber of Commerce Deck Party, Crescent City, CA
06/19/21: Coyote Sonoma, Healdsburg, CA
05/01/21: Private Event, Vacaville, CA
02/28/20: Redwood Cafe, Cotati, CA 
12/31/19: Rio Nido Roadhouse, Rio Nido, CA
11/17/19: The Will Call, Cotati, CA 
9/13/19: Redwood Cafe, Cotati, CA 
8/10/19: Private Event ,Vacaville, CA 
7/26/19: The Flamingo Hotel,  Santa Rosa, CA 
7/03/19: Blue Note, Napa, CA 
5/31/19: Redwood Cafe, Cotati, CA 
4/04/19: Redwood Cafe, Cotati, CA 
2/23/19: Rio Nido Roadhouse, Rio Nido, CA 
1/10/19: Redwood Cafe, Cotati, CA